Friday, April 15, 2011

ZSL launches Legacy to Cloud Enablement and Integration Platform Powered by IBM WebSphere and Cast Iron

ZSL, Edison NJ based Advanced IBM Partner & Global Systems Integrator, announces its new launch of SmartPrise Migrator - the automated application modernization and cloud enablement platform which offers SOA and BPM centered legacy modernization framework for enterprises.

SmartPrise Migrator platform helps the enterprises to address their business silos in managing and executing their day-to-day business operations efficiently & cost effectively by modernizing their legacy applications with the proven Web 2.0 and RIA frameworks and middleware.

This innovative & automated platform modernizes and migrates the legacy applications built in PB, VB, FoxPro and Oracle Forms to Java EE, IBM WebSphere and Cast Iron environment without going through the expensive rewrite and retraining process. The current version has the utility to handle migration of outdated or underperforming messaging middleware to WebSphere MQ seamlessly and offers seamless integration path for SaaS and On-Premise apps. With the value of legacies and business logic components being imbibed, our migration tools perform transformation of 2-tier apps to N-tier architecture with the appropriate Web 2.0, BPM and SOA re-factoring to achieve the needed agility to handle the growth.

“Our comprehensive Enterprise Modernization approach and higher degree of automation capability has proved SmartPrise Migrator is a platform of choice to Cloud or SOA enable the Legacy Apps and allows the co-existence of SaaS and On-premise apps with the Cast Iron based integration” says Shiv Kumar, executive vice president, ZSL. “Migration strategy aligns well with our customers’ vision to implement the optimized and green friendly computing application infrastructure with the power of elasticity.”


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