Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Live Webinar – Cloud Based Application Performance Testing, May 10th – 5pm (London)/9am PST/12pm EST

Join this webinar to see how the OpSource Cloud platform, combined with ZSL's ZLOAD testing framework, provides clients with a cost-effective solution to conduct on-demand performance and scalability testing on an application. Topics covered will include:
  • Types of tests most important for testing applications in the cloud
  • How using a wide range of performance tests (load, stress, reliability, spike, etc.) helps generate a thorough understanding of system behavior
  • A general approach to performance testing
  • A live product demo of ZSL's ZLOAD testing framework

    About ZSL:

    Zylog Systems Ltd (ZSL) is a Global Systems Integrator & Business Solutions Provider based in Edison, NJ with more than 4000 employees worldwide focused in developing and delivering enterprise IT solutions and services using the emerging technology platforms to keep the TCO low and ROI high. ZSL is a pioneer in providing business aligned technology solutions to enable the growth and make the enterprises responsive and agile. ZSL's Technology Leadership and value added R&D helped the enterprises globally to achieve their business goals cost effectively. To learn more about ZSL and its solution offerings, please visit

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Collaboration: Peer-to-Peer Partnership for Growth

    By Shiv Kumar, ZSL, Executive Vice President

    ZSLCollaborating with partners is a culture and business priority in our organization. Being a global systems integrator, our goal is to help clients tap into new and emerging markets with solutions that maximize efficiency of their workforce and reduce the time to market.

    Having the right people in customer-facing activities that understand the need to collaborate internally and externally with other solution provider partners to meet the market demand is key. We have staffed our global sales team with senior people throughout the organization from day one, so they would be ingrained in the culture and the strategy as we grew. We realized that would enable us to expand our market reach quickly, while retaining our core business values of quality services and solutions delivery. By doing so, we've extended our collaboration and knowledge management effort beyond our internal organization to embrace the "wisdom of crowds."

    We've also formalized our peer-to-peer partnership program: "Get IT Together" has grown significantly since its launch in 2004.

    That program has helped both ZSL and its partners to leverage each other's core strengths through the mutual goal of delivering the value to the customer faster and cost effectively. Well defined and understood "co-optition" is critical for a peer-to-peer relationship to last longer and yield good results. So create a matrix of areas to work at, including: "complement," "cooperate" and "compete." Remember, the relationship will be very opportunistic and may not last long if the matrix is centered on "compete,"

    Finally, a proper support system — with process and people — empowered our sales team to succeed in their partner-to-partner collaborative selling effort, which encouraged them to look for white-space opportunities together.

    The connectedness with our "Get IT Together" VAR partners helped us in launching new services and solutions faster with the right go-to market strategies. In that way, we with the reduced risk of testing the waters using the trial and error methods.


    Growth VAR: Value Added & Responsive (VAR) Solution Provider

    By Shiv Kumar, ZSL, Executive Vice President

    ZSLBusiness executives continue to embrace the "Consumerizaiton of IT," and expect us as their trusted IT advisors to deliver the results. While disruptive technologies — such as Cloud, SaaS and HaaS — continue to find mindshare and market share, the boundaries are becoming blurred between technology manufacturers, distributors and solution providers. The roles each plays change often, based on the customer’s business case. Challenges arise when the boundaries get squeezed but so, too, do new opportunities.

    How can we face this IT computing paradigm shift and become a Value Added & Responsive (VAR) Solution Provider?

    I think the key to our success in making ZSL as a Value Added and Responsive solution provider hinged on a few things we focused on very closely in the last few years: 1. Collaboration, 2. Innovation and 3.Value creation.

    We understood the "Value" in "Value Add" should be more than the relationship and more than cost reduction as business executives expect their internal IT or IT partner to innovate and enable their business growth by delivering the business processes more agile and responsive.

    Our business-aligned R&D (called IDEA Lab) effort differentiated us in the market place and created stickiness with the CXOs who are looking for solution providers to help them to carve out their innovation agenda.

    Focus in the emerging technologies and strategic alignment with the right vendors enabled our team not only to deliver the business-aligned results but also allowed us to demonstrate our Business Technology Thought Leadership in the industry. CRN and Information Week recognized the value of IDEA Lab’s work by naming it one of the "30 Cloud VARs that Get IT” and “Top 250 Business Technology Innovator."

    Innovation: Necessary Engine to Differentiate

    By Shiv Kumar, ZSL, Executive Vice President

    ZSLOur increased investment within technology R&D and product development has resulted in business-aligned innovation and competitive differentiation.

    For example, we have doubled our IDEA Lab headcount in the last six months to pursue our innovation agenda, particularly in the Virtualization, Business Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud and Green IT areas. As a result, we've designed and deployed the next generation Collaboration and Knowledge Management system, called Enterprise 2.0 SocNet, to drive internal and external ideas in our sourcing and validating process. In addition, our innovative Readiness Assessment and ROI modeling frameworks have helped clients evaluate their IT investments from an objective basis to understand the short-, mid- and long-term impact on TCO.

    At the start, in 2009, many of our projects were focused on transformation, increased productivity and operating cost reduction, but our innovative blended sales and delivery process shifted the focus to Growth and Agility.

    Many of our business and technology associates spent a good deal of their careers working with Fortune 1000 global clients and understanding the pressure to align IT and Business while trying to innovate something new. We understood the midmarket enterprises’ CIOs resource limitations to innovate and concerns such as operating expenses reduction, security concerns, the requirement for greater productivity, regulatory issues, complexity, etc. So we become their innovation partner, providing strategic and value-added R&D and Product Engineering Services. Our plan: Apply the Fortune 1000 approach, with the workforce experienced in F1000 solutions and methodologies developed for F1000 clients, and tailor them to the midmarket, at a midmarket price.

    Our extended collaboration with the leading technology vendor partners and vertical specialized VARs resulted in creating ‘Co-Innovative’ business solutions delivered via a SaaS/Cloud mode — attracting CapEx conscious customers worldwide.


    From Value Add to Value Creation

    by Shiv Kumar, ZSL, Executive Vice President

    ZSLZSL, being an end-to-end solution provider, works with clients in the areas that impact and grow the core of their businesses beyond "Value Add" to "Value Creation."

    The CIOs and IT managers cannot achieve value creation through cost cutting alone. Innovation is required to become a value creator: ZSL focuses on enabling our clients’ IT Managers to be Innovators and not to confuse cost reduction with value creation.

    Value creation in today's environment is increasingly represented in the intangible drivers like innovation, process, people, ideas and R&D.

    Our Business and Technical Teams are trained to identify the compelling "value adds" with our clients in order to develop the tangible "value Creation" roadmap. Bringing the right subject matter experts from our collaborative partners helped us to minimize the turnaround time to demonstrate and prove the value. We focused on developing R&D skills, systems, and processes that produce and deliver quality solutions and services. Those are highly valuable to our customers because they consider time to market and early technology adoption both as business-value creators.

    The future belongs to those VARs who know how to leverage the emerging technologies to support the ‘value creation’ processes that are as reliable at producing value as past uses of IT have been at cost reduction and optimization. Let us prepare our workforce to become Value Creators for our customers and keep the ‘Channel Eco System’ healthy and happy forever.


    Friday, April 15, 2011

    ZSL launches Legacy to Cloud Enablement and Integration Platform Powered by IBM WebSphere and Cast Iron

    ZSL, Edison NJ based Advanced IBM Partner & Global Systems Integrator, announces its new launch of SmartPrise Migrator - the automated application modernization and cloud enablement platform which offers SOA and BPM centered legacy modernization framework for enterprises.

    SmartPrise Migrator platform helps the enterprises to address their business silos in managing and executing their day-to-day business operations efficiently & cost effectively by modernizing their legacy applications with the proven Web 2.0 and RIA frameworks and middleware.

    This innovative & automated platform modernizes and migrates the legacy applications built in PB, VB, FoxPro and Oracle Forms to Java EE, IBM WebSphere and Cast Iron environment without going through the expensive rewrite and retraining process. The current version has the utility to handle migration of outdated or underperforming messaging middleware to WebSphere MQ seamlessly and offers seamless integration path for SaaS and On-Premise apps. With the value of legacies and business logic components being imbibed, our migration tools perform transformation of 2-tier apps to N-tier architecture with the appropriate Web 2.0, BPM and SOA re-factoring to achieve the needed agility to handle the growth.

    “Our comprehensive Enterprise Modernization approach and higher degree of automation capability has proved SmartPrise Migrator is a platform of choice to Cloud or SOA enable the Legacy Apps and allows the co-existence of SaaS and On-premise apps with the Cast Iron based integration” says Shiv Kumar, executive vice president, ZSL. “Migration strategy aligns well with our customers’ vision to implement the optimized and green friendly computing application infrastructure with the power of elasticity.”

    ZSL Brings Social Enterprise and Mobile Enablement to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP using Windows Azure

    ZSL, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading ISV, launched its Social Enterprise and Mobile Enablement solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics RMS products running on Windows Azure.

    As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, ZSL provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions and services to various industry verticals across the globe including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharma, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail and Wholesale. 

    ZSL’s specialization includes social business and mobile enablement add-ons, customization, migration, cloud enablement, application integration, support and maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

    ZSL has made its CRM and ERP Social Enterprise and Mobile add-on suite available through Windows Azure. Its deployment capabilities for private and public cloud environments provides customers with affordable, scalable and secured business applications on-demand with minimal configuration and self-service capabilities.

    “We see a limitless set of opportunities for partners to add value to Microsoft Dynamics business applications using Windows Azure,” said Brad Wilson, general manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management Group. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM seamlessly works with Windows Azure to offer the flexibility and extensibility enabling our partners to develop specialized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.”

    ZSL brings enterprises faster reach to the market leveraged from the enhanced customer relations and management features, intelligence analytic dashboards, rich functionality, streamlined business flow, low cost of ownership, automated point of sale (POS) and store operations benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics RMS solutions.

    Our feature-rich Social CRM add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 begets social media empowerment to the marketing, sales, customer support and management teams, by bringing in all the business social information of an account or contact from various professional social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube. This helps Microsoft Dynamics CRM users have the right information handy when they need it and attributes a greater confidence in customer engagement and interaction.

    ZSL’s business power add-ons enable automation of quote/order creation, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks integration for synchronizing customer relations and accounting operations, provides instant preview of customer information in Microsoft Outlook, travel assistance to customer location with integrated maps and navigability features and more.

    The enterprise business enablement solutions empower the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, which facilitates the enterprises to optimize their business operations for an increased ROI and a reduced TCO. It is comprised of plug-ins, which facilitate the automation of sales order processing using Microsoft Excel, Web, Mobile and Microsoft Outlook; provides access to real time currency exchange rates; auto bank reconciliation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX; smoothens operation handling for Job Costing, Accounting and Billing with reduced manual intervention. Its interoperability with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics AX applications ascertains effective handling and management of General Ledgers, Receivables/Payables, Invoices, Inventory and Resource Utilization.

    “Our business and mobile enablement add-on suites is to help the small-mid to enterprise level customers of various industry verticals to handle and better manage their CRM and ERP operations in a faster and cost effective way”, says Shiv Kumar, executive vice president, ZSL. “Our Social Enterprise enablement promises our customers to drive their internal collaboration, marketing and product innovation activities by aligning and integrating the technologies like analytics, social media and cloud to work for the growth of their business”.

    ZSL’s Mobile solutions are complete and comprehensive in extending the availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP features and functionalities at a full scale to various smart phone devices such as Windows, iPhone, Blackberry, iPads, Google Android phones and Tablets.

    The Mobile suite for Microsoft Dynamics RMS gives retailers the advantage of keeping their customers informed of their offers, promotional discounts, adhoc events and other news by providing features to send messages over their mobile devices.

    ZSL’s Social Enterprise & Mobile Add-ons could be deployed on-premise or on Windows Azure.

    “Our product development, R &D Team (IDEA LAB) and engineering teams are committed to listening to our customers and partners and we set out to make our ‘Business Enablement’ Products suite for Microsoft Dynamics, the most valuable add-ons,” says Manick Vel, practice head, Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions Practice at ZSL.

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    ZSL Presents at Cloud Zone Rapid Fire Session at Impact 2011, Las Vegas, Monday, April 11, 2-3.15 PM

    ZSL Presents at Cloud Zone : Leading Cloud Solutions Enabled with IBM Middleware

    When: Mon, 11 Apr, 02:00 PM - 03:15

    Where: Venetian - Palazzo F

    Session 1193A

    Abstract: In this session, IBM Business Partners will show the audience how they deliver fast, easy, ready-to-use Cloud-based solutions and services with IBM middleware. We will cover three areas of Cloud solutions: 1) Cloud applications for CRM, ERP, Financials, collaboration and desktop 2) Building private Cloud applications with Cloud-based development, testing, onboarding, delivery and implementation services 3) Enabling Hybrid Clouds with Cloud-based messaging, application integration and B2B services The format for this session will be lively, as more than 12 leading companies share the story and best practices. This 75-minute session will help the attendees implement Cloud computing solutions that will save time and money.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Visit ZSL at Convergence 2011, Booth 1232, Atlanta, GA, April 10-13

    Atlanta, April 10-13, 2011: ZSL is demonstrating its new Social Enterprise, Business & Mobile Power suites for Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP solutions available on Windows Azure at Convergence 2011 (booth 1232).

    Stop by booth 1232 to learn how ZSL can
    • Help the enterprises to increase the productivity and revenue with its Dynamics CRM & ERP capabilities enhanced with value added business & mobile power add-on solutions & services.
    • Beget social media empowerment to the marketing, sales, customer support and management teams with its new Azure-powered Social CRM for Dynamics CRM 2011
      ZSL Demonstrates its Azure Powered Social Enterprise, Business & Mobile Power Suite for Microsoft Dynamics

      You can learn how ZSL’s industry best practices and implementation strategies helped small-mid size enterprises for quicker adoption of Dynamics CRM & ERP solutions and address time to market needs with lowered TCO.

      At Convergence 2011, you will have an opportunity to
      • Have a face-to-face meeting with ZSL’s technical/domain experts
      • Request/Watch product demos on MS Dynamics CRM, GP, NAV, AX, RMS, Business Power suite & Mobile power suite for various mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Brew devices, Tablets such as iPads, Playbooks and more.

        Visit ZSL at Impact 2011 in the Cloud Zone (Ped: C-11), Las Vegas, April 10-13, 2011

        Las Vegas, NV, April 10-15, 2011: ZSL, an Advanced IBM Partner, is a CLOUD ZONE SPONSOR for IBM Impact 2011 and is demonstrating its Responsive Enterprise Enablement solutions at the event.

        ZSL’s Responsive Enterprise Enablement is a set of integrated solutions & services that includes:

        Automated SOA & BPM Centered Enterprise Application Modernization & Cloud Enablement Platform
        • Migrates legacy PB, VB, FoxPro and Oracle Forms to Java EE, IBM WebSphere and Cast Iron environment
        • Migrates legacy or outdated messaging middleware to WebSphere MQ
        • Integrates SaaS & On-premise applications
        Social Media Powered Next Generation Knowledge Management & Collaboration Solution developed based on Web 2.0 tools & RIA frameworks
        • Connect
        • Collaborate
        • Innovate
        Transform your business models and delivery systems with next generation eco-friendly IT application & data management center powered by IBM Cloud, Cast Iron & AWS
        • Public Cloud
        • Private Cloud
        • Hybrid
        • Cloud to Non-Cloud Integration
        Visit ZSL in the Cloud Zone (Ped: C-11) and learn how you can
        • Empower your enterprises business performance and operation efficiency by modernizing your business applications and IT infrastructure landscape and save 50-60% of your money and effort through an automated application modernization platform.
        • Social enable your enterprise businesses through an empowered knowledge management & collaboration platform.
        • Build Eco-friendly virtual green IT environment by migrating your applications to public/private/hybrid clouds.
        • Make your SaaS & On-premise applications coexist and perform with Cast Iron based integration.
        At Impact 2011, you will have an opportunity to have a face-to-face discussion meeting with ZSL’s technical/domain experts about your IT-business needs and watch demos on its Responsive Enterprise Enablement solutions.