Thursday, April 21, 2011

Innovation: Necessary Engine to Differentiate

By Shiv Kumar, ZSL, Executive Vice President

ZSLOur increased investment within technology R&D and product development has resulted in business-aligned innovation and competitive differentiation.

For example, we have doubled our IDEA Lab headcount in the last six months to pursue our innovation agenda, particularly in the Virtualization, Business Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud and Green IT areas. As a result, we've designed and deployed the next generation Collaboration and Knowledge Management system, called Enterprise 2.0 SocNet, to drive internal and external ideas in our sourcing and validating process. In addition, our innovative Readiness Assessment and ROI modeling frameworks have helped clients evaluate their IT investments from an objective basis to understand the short-, mid- and long-term impact on TCO.

At the start, in 2009, many of our projects were focused on transformation, increased productivity and operating cost reduction, but our innovative blended sales and delivery process shifted the focus to Growth and Agility.

Many of our business and technology associates spent a good deal of their careers working with Fortune 1000 global clients and understanding the pressure to align IT and Business while trying to innovate something new. We understood the midmarket enterprises’ CIOs resource limitations to innovate and concerns such as operating expenses reduction, security concerns, the requirement for greater productivity, regulatory issues, complexity, etc. So we become their innovation partner, providing strategic and value-added R&D and Product Engineering Services. Our plan: Apply the Fortune 1000 approach, with the workforce experienced in F1000 solutions and methodologies developed for F1000 clients, and tailor them to the midmarket, at a midmarket price.

Our extended collaboration with the leading technology vendor partners and vertical specialized VARs resulted in creating ‘Co-Innovative’ business solutions delivered via a SaaS/Cloud mode — attracting CapEx conscious customers worldwide.


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