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ZSL Awarded Position #34 on Everything Channel’s CRN Fast Growth 100 List

Edison, NJ, 24th July, 2008 - ZSL,Inc a global technology integrator and solution provider, today announced that it has been named #34 on Everything Channel's 2008 CRN Fast Growth 100 List. The CRN Fast Growth 100 list recognizes the fastest growing Solutions Providers in the industry today. This year's Fast Growth 100 companies all share a passion for growing their businesses at warp speed.

"The CRN Fast Growth 100 are the cream of the crop when it comes to Solution Providers who know how to wrap technology in world-class services offerings, and this years’ group demonstrate that the technology Channel is strong and growing, regardless of surrounding economic conditions," said Robert C. DeMarzo, senior vice president and editorial director for Everything Channel editorial. The five common traits typify the CRN Fast Growth Solution Provider include: multi-vendor IT solutions; cutting-edge technologies; close customer relationships; strong sales philosophies; and business-oriented IT consulting.

“We are proud to be in Fast Growth 100 list this year. The recognition is encouraging us to continue our investment on the emerging technologies specialization and aligning them to our clients’ and partners’ business growth” said Shiv Kumar, Executive Vice President for ZSL.

The Fast Growth 100 companies were honored at an event on October 15 in Chicago.

For additional information on the Fast Growth 100.

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About ZSL

ZSL Inc, a global technology integrator and solution provider based in Edison, NJ with more than 2000 employees worldwide focused in developing and delivering enterprise IT solutions and services using the emerging technology platforms to keep the TCO low and ROI high. ZSL specialized in leveraging the technology infrastructure to offer the best business solutions in variety of vertical markets globally with the right vendor partnership. ZSL ranked 238th among North America's Top 500 Technology Integrators by Everything Channel's VARBusiness and named #34 in the CRN Fast growth 100 list. ZSL also won “Top Technology Practices” Award for Excellence in “Greenware Computing (Virtualization Services)”.

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Friday, July 25, 2008


An Exclusive Interview with Shiv Kumar, EVP of ZSL Inc., featured in CRN Magazine.

Edison, NJ, 24th July, 2008 - Global IT services firm ZSL Inc. (2007 CRN Fast Growth No. 45), provides onshore, offshore and near-shore technology solutions and services to enterprises and technology companies worldwide. Based in Edison, N.J., ZSL works with some of the world's leading innovative ISVs and software-enabled businesses, ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders.

CRN caught up with EVP Shiv Kumar—last seen accepting ZSL's Top Technology Practices Award for Excellence In Virtualization at the 2008 VARBusiness 500 Awards—to talk about the company's unique, collaborative style and its commitment to innovation.

CRN: ZSL functions in a very collaborative manner.

SHIV KUMAR: Yes. From 2003 onward we've worked on Get IT Together, primarily with [other] VARs and ISVs in the North American and European market. Our formula is to collaborate with the right partner and work with them to bring products and services to market. We've looked at solution providers that went out from the dot-com bust and that had expertise we could tap. Those who were smart and understood they couldn't offer complete solutions, we determined we could collaborate with them. We looked at application developers, for example, and asked ourselves, "What could we do with that?" At the time, there were similar economic challenges to today. We extended more into Europe in 2004. We are using such a collaborative approach today. One-third of our revenue is generated through collaboration.

CRN: So you can focus on what you do best, and your partner can tackle other aspects of a project where it has expertise.

KUMAR: We can focus then on our core competency, which is technology—mobile, IT optimization, integration, wireless issues, among others. Among our partners, they have expertise in manufacturing and retail segments, and they needed technical expertise. We kept the engagement open to the VAR partner, and we work closely with IBM (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT), but we offer vendor neutrality to our partner. That allows us to grow cost-effectively.

We look at technologies such as WiMax or RFID, and see how those technologies can help in solving business problems out there. We also help our partners or end users to show proof of concept.

CRN: Sounds like you try to foster innovation.

KUMAR: Through our R&D labs, which we call our IDEA lab—Innovative Development of Enterprise Applications—we bring business solutions to using various technology, such as wireless, unified communications, etc. We have different competencies inside the lab, each focusing on different technology.

Recently, we were developing an enterprise 2.0 computing framework for a midsize to large enterprise. During a discussion, senior management made it clear to [first], make it support business growth and [second], show innovation. Every business is looking at bringing out new products and reaching new markets and how to use innovative technology to grow [business]. The IDEA concept helps align those innovative technologies with business gain. IDEA develops prototypes and proofs of concept. It also helps partners to demonstrate the value of their claims.

CRN: What are you hearing about green initiatives?

KUMAR: We did engage our partners to develop a solution for a consumer electronic product in an effort to determine how it could be recycled more effectively.

We are hearing more about "green" in the last few months. But there's not a big push from CIOs at this point. They are talking about consolidation, which can relate to a "green initiative." They need to see how it could make business sense. It's a good opportunity going forward to push other features, like telecommuting and unified communications.


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ZSL features in Everything Channel's 2008 State of Technology: Networking 100 List Edison, NJ, 24th July, 2008 - Everything Channel's 2008 State of Technology: Networking survey results show that solution providers expect to see the fastest revenue growth in VoIP, unified messaging and IP videoconferencing. With more than 40 percent of solution providers offering VoIP solutions, the future looks bright for those who incorporate these popular technologies.


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Friday, July 18, 2008

ZSL to participate Linux World conference 2008

San Francisco, 5 th Aug – Aug 7th - ZSL Inc, a global IT solution provider, to participate in Linux World Conference 2008 at San Francisco
The LinuxWorld conference program features over 100 top-tier, educational sessions covering seven tracks that go deep into Linux and open source industry trends.

The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo is going to be held from 4th – 7th August 2008 at Moscone Center, San Francisco. The 2008 LinuxWorld conference programme offers high-quality education as well as some new programmes that address upcoming technology trends; programmes include Mobile Linux Conference, Executive Summit and Channel Forum.

Linux and open source applications are being used in increasingly innovative ways; stretching far beyond web and application servers. As Linux and Open Source mature, LinuxWorld Conference & Expo continues to be the leader for Open Source education.

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo® San Francisco, the largest and most comprehensive event that focuses exclusively Linux and open source solutions, brings together industry leaders shaping the future of new enterprise technology in the largest single gathering of business and technical leaders deploying Linux and open source solutions.

Resources to Transform Your Business!!!

ZSL will present how Linux, Open Source and Open Standard technologies have become positive solution for today and future business communication needs. ZSL will also showcase the use & successes of Open Source from its perspective.

Sessions at a glance

Aug 5th at 4.00PM - Empowering Enterprise 2.0 Computing Model

Aug 6th at 12.30PM - Next Generation Mobile Computing

Aug 7th at 3.30PM - Open Source Powered Business Solution Keep TCO low and increase ROI

About LinuxWorld

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo® San Francisco, the premier event exclusively focused on Linux and open source solutions. As the world’s most comprehensive marketplace for open source products and services, LinuxWorld provides business decision-makers with information and resources to implement Linux and open source solutions into business infrastructure and enterprise networks.


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Recycling E-waste

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ZSL software solution to track, recycle e-waste

ZSL software solution to track, recycle e-waste

Helps recyclers connect with manufacturers

Chennai, India, July 4, 2008 -Chennai-based ZSL Inc has developed a software solution for tracking and (hence) recycling, e-waste.

To develop the product, ZSL spent a million dollars (Rs 4 crore) and roped in a ‘reverse logistics’ expert, Mr John Mehrmann, who had over two decades of experience working for Toshiba.

To begin with the ‘Recycle Accelerator’ is designed for recyclers to connect (with manufacturers), track, and manage the business. The product supports inventory management by model/serial units, parts, and material weight. E-waste collection agents are working on paper forms, spreadsheets or with no documentation at all. At the first point of product, part and material collection is gathered, and this is a critical first point of data collection.

Initially, when an electronic product is ready for trash, the information is provided by customers to collecting agents for pick up, and later sent for recycling.

Manufacturers are responsible for managing effective recycling programmes, but lack reporting by product, since most incoming goods are only tracked by weight. Manufacturers have not yet created systems to authorise and regulate collectors and recyclers, Mr Mehrmann told Business Line.

Future versions

The future versions of Recycle Accelerator will enable call centres to refer consumers to a collaborative network of collectors and recyclers. Manufacturers will be able to track products received and the effectiveness of recycling. Government agencies will have the ability to audit compliance, track performance, and identify abuse or precious metal theft, he said.

Urgent control

“Recycle Accelerator is a response to the urgent need for e-waste tracking and controls in the US,” says Mr Sudarshan Venkatraman, Chairman and CEO, ZSL.

E-waste collectors, recyclers, manufacturers, government, and consumers are struggling to keep pace with growing awareness and evolving regulations pertaining to e-waste. Most of the US states are formulating stringent laws to control the growing e-waste problem.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, in 2005 discarded electronics totalled about 2 million tonnes. It is estimated that 15-20 per cent of this was recycled. Since electronic equipment contains toxic chemicals, this can pose health and environmental risks, particularly in landfills where toxins may leak into the soil and ground water.

Access to excess

At present, there is software offered by various companies that caters only to the needs of a particular community — say, for an e-waste collection agent. However, ZSL’s solution caters to the entire supply chain and can also be customised for entrepreneurs who want to establish a small business as a collector. It can also be used by individuals who want to participate in the part-time activity of collection for profit or to save the environmental, Mr Mehrmann said.

There is a growing demand for access to raw materials that can be used to produce “the next generation of consumer electronics”. ZSL has created a bridge for material buyers to ‘access the excess’, he said. “Consumers will replace equipment more often in the future, leading to greater e-waste.”

ZSL’s solution covers the entire constituents of the US consumer electronics industry by connecting reverse logistics players, authorised service providers, call centres, parts distributors, manufacturers, government agencies, registration and third party administrators, said Mr Mehrmann.


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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ZSL to launch e-waste management software

New Delhi, India, July 7, 2008 - IT solutions provider ZSL Inc will launch new software to manage electronic waste in the next three-four months.

ZSL’s Vice-president (Business Development) John Mehrmann said the software is primarily aimed at creating a database of products to be recycled and information on partners involved in the process.

The Chennai-based company expects to launch the software, 'Recycle Accelerator', in the country during October-November.

The new product would help in connecting all the partners, including manufacturers, recyclers, collectors and buyers of the materials for reuse, he added.

The company has already spent about one million dollars for development of Recycle Accelerator and would be investing another one million dollars.

Recycle Accelerator would enable manufacturers, recyclers, collectors and buyers to share information and strengthen communication on tracking, among others.

Further, ZSL would be partnering with makers of electronic products and other service providers to create a network of stakeholders involved in the process of recycling e-waste, and are already in talks with some of them.

ZSL’s Senior Vice-president (Enterprise solutions) Ananth Chaganty said, "Most of the big makers have shown interest in partnering with us. However, they themselves will announce the partnership soon." He, however, did not divulge the name of the companies ZSL is in talks with.

Pointing out that there is not enough awareness about the hazards of e-waste in the country, John Mehrmann said unlike America, India does not have stringent laws to address the issue.

"India is a big luxury dumping ground. People are not aware of the hazards these electronic waste can cause."

The aim is to create awareness and also help them in earning money from proper management of e-waste, he added.

ZSL is also holding discussions with trade associations and the Central government on ways to enhance awareness levels about the benefits of e-waste management.


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