Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ZSL's A-Z Animals iPhone Game applications now available at Apple iStores!

This applications come with two options
1. A-Z Animals – $0.99 – Full version
2. A-Z Animals – FREE – Limited version

You could download and install the application into your iPhone through iTunes by searching for “A-Z Animals” or using the below links.

This application falls under Education category, specifically for kids. Please let me know your feedback and comments, that we could incorporate in our next update.

About this application

A-Z Animals application includes educational activities to keep kids entertained and learning. In the A-Z Animals, kids can flip through images of animals in all letters of the alphabets and match the letter of the Alphabet to the name of the animal’s image. If the kid presses the correct animal image for the selected alphabet, Clapping sound goes ON to encourage kids for their right answer. If the selected image does not match with the Alphabet, bingo sound will be heard to indicate wrong selection.


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