Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Value Add to Value Creation

by Shiv Kumar, ZSL, Executive Vice President

ZSLZSL, being an end-to-end solution provider, works with clients in the areas that impact and grow the core of their businesses beyond "Value Add" to "Value Creation."

The CIOs and IT managers cannot achieve value creation through cost cutting alone. Innovation is required to become a value creator: ZSL focuses on enabling our clients’ IT Managers to be Innovators and not to confuse cost reduction with value creation.

Value creation in today's environment is increasingly represented in the intangible drivers like innovation, process, people, ideas and R&D.

Our Business and Technical Teams are trained to identify the compelling "value adds" with our clients in order to develop the tangible "value Creation" roadmap. Bringing the right subject matter experts from our collaborative partners helped us to minimize the turnaround time to demonstrate and prove the value. We focused on developing R&D skills, systems, and processes that produce and deliver quality solutions and services. Those are highly valuable to our customers because they consider time to market and early technology adoption both as business-value creators.

The future belongs to those VARs who know how to leverage the emerging technologies to support the ‘value creation’ processes that are as reliable at producing value as past uses of IT have been at cost reduction and optimization. Let us prepare our workforce to become Value Creators for our customers and keep the ‘Channel Eco System’ healthy and happy forever.


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