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IBM Business Partner awarded Best of Show

By Melissa Polizzotto, IBM WebSphere Communications
During Tuesday’s General Session at Impact 2013, ZSL, Inc. received the Impact Best of Show Award for leveraging IBM WebSphere software. ZSL helps its customers adopt newer technologies like mobility into their businesses and transform their business models to be more agile and productive. ZSL’s mobile banking solution provides banks and financial organizations a way to deliver advanced personalization services to their customers, from simpler tasks such as checking account balances and viewing account statements, to more advanced functions such as locating an ATM using GPS.
Best of show ZSL sign
The Impact Best of Show Award is presented to the conference sponsor that demonstrates the best solution using the unique power of IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and WebSphere components.
Prolifics, Streebo, and Summa Technologies, Inc. are the distinguished finalists for the Impact Best of Show Award. Congratulations to these IBM Business Partners, and don’t forget to visit all of our Business Partner sponsors today at the Solution Center.


Congratulations!!! ZSL has won “IBM Impact Best of Show Award” for 2013 at IBM Impact Event held in Las Vegas, NV.

Congratulations!!! ZSL has won “IBM Impact Best of Show Award” for 2013 at IBM Impact Event held in Las Vegas, NV.

Watch the Interview of ZSL @Impact 2013 on Mobile Innovation broadcasted on April 30, 2013, 11.00 AM PDT / 2.00 PM EDT at the URL:

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ZSL Won "Best in show" Award in Impact 2013

ZSL Won "Best in show" Award in Impact 2013, Las Vegas, NV.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ZSL Ranked #12 in Nine Live Media's The MSPmentor 501 Global Report

ZSL Ranked #12 in Nine Live Media's The MSPmentor 501 Global Report

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Join ZSL, AWS and Sonian for a Live Webcast “Cloud Storage and Email Archiving Solutions Designed for Financial Services on Amazon Web Services”

Join ZSL, AWS and Sonian for a Live Webcast “Cloud Storage and Email Archiving Solutions Designed for Financial Services on Amazon Web Services”
January 17, 2013, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Amazon, ZSL and Sonian
Today, financial services companies are under stringent compliance regulations with regards to email and attachments including FINRA, SEC rules and NASD rules. Mandates require archiving massive amounts of financial communications including emails and social media.
Join AWS, ZSL and Sonian for a live webinar where you will learn about cloud-powered storage and email archiving solutions designed to support financial services companies in meeting these rules and mandates.
In this session, you will learn about resources and applications including Sonian’s email archiving platform which enables quick and easy search and retrieval of emails that are protected to meet compliance mandates, cost effective AWS cloud offerings to help you manage demands for eDiscovery, compliance and financial regulations, and ZSL’s services offerings to implement and manage the solution.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Cloud Storage and Email Archiving Solutions Designed for Financial Services on Amazon Web Services

Date: Thursday, January 17, 2013
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
John Downey
Business Development Manager - Storage, AWS

Naidu Gandham
Senior Solution Architect, IDEA Lab, ZSL

Jim D’Espinosa
Channel Manager, Sonian
Register at:

Key Drivers for Business Intelligence Making the Move to the Cloud

Cloud based Business Intelligence (BI) is widespread today and is being used by many organizations globally. It is a revolutionary concept of delivering business intelligence capabilities “as service” using cloud based architecture that comes at a lower cost yet faster deployment & flexibility. Software as a Service (SaaS) BI is also being used by many small and medium sized enterprises who seek to speed up their businesses with BI and analytics tools.

According to a recent 2012 Wisdom of Crowds Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study of 859 respondents, there is a current strong investment in cloud based BI and growing interest in tapping into the cloud’s benefits; while a Gartner survey throws the fact that almost one-third of the BI platform users surveyed (27 percent, to be exact) are using or planning to use the cloud / SaaS model to expand their business intelligence capabilities in the next 12 months. These statistics strongly suggest that cloud based BI implementation is on an upswing among organizations.

On the other hand, past few years has seen not as much of BI adoption in the public cloud when compared to other applications. Business managers in some organizations fail to see the value of cloud. But this might not always be the reason behind delay in adopting cloud BI. Simply put, it might even be issues related to data integration, visualization and security in cloud BI as these are some considerations frequently cited when moving on cloud. While the market is still confused about the Cloud and SaaS offerings, understanding why businesses adopt cloud for BI might help make wise decisions.

According to a recent research by Gartner, there are three major drivers for cloud BI adoption among organizations which are as follows:

Time Saving
Cloud based BI is deployed faster and provides insights and value in lucrative ways. It comes much adaptable for those enterprises whose IT expenditure runs on inadequate budget or higher workload.

Cost Concerns
Companies that seek Business Intelligence to save long-term operational expenses must go with cloud BI. These solutions might not be cheaper when compared to on-premise non-cloud models and might need huge capital investments; however on a long term, they help organizations in reducing operational costs, IT support expenses and much more.

Expertise Backing
If there is any lack of IT expertise in business that needs assistance in managing BI and analytic systems, companies may choose third-party BI apps on cloud that come along with cloud and tech-savvy professionals who can help deal with skill shortage issues.

Many small organizations in the current scenario perform their work on cloud and develop their business sooner, which consecutively becomes a huge threat to larger organizations. With major advantages that cloud BI has to offer, we can see that many companies will implement cloud BI strategies to make comprehensive analysis. Businesses already using cloud BI must come forward and share their experience along with upbeat and negative feedback naming process efficiency, effectiveness and advantages gained compared to competitors and other benefits.

In the end, are you planning to take your current business intelligence and analytics on cloud? If yes, what’s your consideration for implementing cloud BI?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dynamics World Recognizes ZSL's Microsoft Dynamics GP-JE Excel Importer Add-on

Dynamics World Recognizes ZSL’s Microsoft Dynamics GP-JE Excel Importer on Top 50 Dynamics Add-ons List for 2013

Dynamics World

London, UK, December 14, 2012: Dynamics World has published an annual list of the best Add-ons for the individual Microsoft Dynamics platforms for the last four years, for 2013 we are changing how the list is presented.
In previous years each platform has had its own Top 12, however, with an increasing number of ISVs now creating cross platform Add-Ons this year it was necessary to publish the top Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics as a single list of the Top 50.
The issue of what makes the best Add-On for an end user is dependent upon what the end user requires, so, as in previous years the list does not rank the Add-Ons in order of choice, instead, the list is published in Alphabetical order.
ZSL’s Business Power Suite which has Microsoft Dynamics GP-JE Excel Importer Add-on has been awarded a place on 2013 list for Microsoft Dynamics Top Add-Ons for GP by Dynamics World.
Dynamics World Top Add-Ons Network has been established to monitor, review, evaluate and analyse all those Add-ons that impact upon those who use Microsoft Dynamics. It continues to publish and update the very best Add-ons for each Microsoft Dynamic Platform and its supplementary products.
This year there were 500 nominations and ZSL’s GP-JE Excel Importer Add-on went through the selection process based on number of criteria that were germane to all businesses and have been used by the end users when making the decision to buy. The criteria included:
  • Cost of Ownership
  • End User Experience
  • End User Nominations
  • Geographical Coverage
  • ISV Support
  • Microsoft Stack Compatibility
  • Proven ROI
  • Secret Shopper Exercise to get more information about our Business Power and Mobile Power Add-ons Suite.
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