Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ZSL Supports the Voices for Innovation Technology Policy Agenda

Edison, NJ,January 24, 2011: 2011 should be a year of tremendous innovation and technology enabled business growth. We, the undersigned U.S. members of Voices for Innovation, recognize that information technology (IT) plays a critical role in growing our nation’s economy and improving both public and private sector operations. IT is also essential in how millions of consumers in the U.S. communicate, learn, access information and services, and engage in commercial transactions.

With this understanding of the importance of technology to the future of the United States, ZSL supports the following policy priorities for federal and state legislative sessions.

PRIORITY ONE: Driving Economic and Employment Growth in IT

Federal and state governments should support IT business and employment growth by:
  • Establishing and maintaining balanced pro-innovation fiscal policies that support IT small businesses and entrepreneurs;
  • Defending fair competition domestically and globally;
  • Promoting the lawful use of licensed software;
  • Creating a legal and regulatory framework that promotes responsible cloud computing.
    PRIORITY TWO: Maximizing the Use of IT to Address Societal Challenges
    Information technology has an important role to play in helping our world address numerous challenges. Federal and state policies should promote the use of IT for:
    • Enhancing education at all levels of learning, including worker retraining;
    • Increasing the efficiency of energy production and use;
    • Improving healthcare delivery and cost containment.
      PRIORITY THREE: Promoting a Healthy Online Environment
      Federal and state policies should support innovation and growth of the Internet-based economy and cloud computing by:
      • Modernizing data privacy laws to reflect the current and emerging Internet environment;
      • Promoting strengthened security at all points of the Internet;
      • Ensuring technology choice for consumers, businesses, and government agencies;
      • Promoting transparency, interoperability, and accessibility in IT.
        “Being a leader in bringing Business aligned Information Technology Innovation to market, ZSL extends its support to Voices for Innovation Technology Policy Agenda which lays out key policy priorities that foster growth and innovation in our industry to address the economical and societal challenges, including healthcare, energy, and education” said Shiva Kandaswamy, Executive Vice President at ZSL.

        About ZSL
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        About Voices for Innovation
        Voices for Innovation (VFI) is a community of IT professionals, including Microsoft partners, engaged at the intersecting points where government, citizens, and IT businesses share concerns. We stay informed—and voice our ideas and concerns—about governmental issues that affect our businesses and the technology sector as a whole. Partners participating in Voices for Innovation communicate with elected officials on a range of IT and general business issues from the cost of software piracy to healthcare reform to economic development.


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