Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ThePartnerChannel.Com - Convergence Tip of the Week Festival - Tips from Manick Vel of ZSL Inc

Best Practices for Convergence Exhibitors

Exhibiting at MS Convergence provides good lead generation, markets your brand name and focusing on a targeted audience. It’s a great place to launch new products, provide education about your business, meet and talk to your client base and, check out the competition.

It enables you to keep abreast with latest developments and strengthens existing relationships with clients & MS community. You are likely to speak to more people in one day than you would see in a week or more using other marketing strategies. Everyone you speak to could easily be a potential client.

Here is the list of measurable out comes for the conference which can be set for every day.

1.  Set target for  deal closures at the conference and measure
2.  Set target for product demos and measure
3.  Set target for daily booth Traffic and measure
4.  Set target for collecting new contacts business cards other than booth visitors
5.  Set target for partnerships with Other MS Partners/ISV’s.

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