Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ZSL Presents at CFO Round Table Session on Data Breach at NJTC's Data Center Summit

ZSL Presents at CFO Round Table Session on Data Breach at NJTC's Data Center Summit: Working in the Clouds Livingston, NJ, December 13, 2012


The 2012 NJTC Data Center Summit presents discussions around the latest trends and innovative technologies driving the emergence of the “Next Generation Data Centers”. The morning panel examines data centers that operate in a rapidly evolving environment of public awareness with the need to increase energy efficiency and control underlying operating costs. The afternoon panel explores the first question that needs to be resolved in deciding whether to build, and spend a significant amount of capital, or collocate, thus minimizing the capital spend, but giving up control.
CFO Peer Network Round Table Session
Cyber-risk issues can have an impact on any company, regardless of size, location or industry. Because of today's technology, information is not solely contained behind firewalls; it is on phones, laptops, iPads and other devices. In spite of all the risks, usually the attention is paid after the data breach has occurred. CFO's need to stress that they are proactively dealing with cyber risk. If the case for cyber protection goes unconsidered, post breach costs would be a burden.
In this roundtable, ZSL will discuss the impact of a data breach on a company and panelists will share best practices, lessons learned, how to assess the potential liability, downtime and the cost of the response.
Session Title:

Data Breach: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Loss

Date & Time: Thursday, 13 December 2012, 3.00 PM ET
Eisenhower Corporate Campus
Livingston, NJ
Stephen Muretta,
Assurance Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
Keith M. Parent, CEO, Court Square Group
Michael Janosko, Senior Manager Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP
Naidu Gandham, Practice Head - Cloud Computing and Managed Services, IDEA Lab, ZSL
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