Friday, December 14, 2012

Realize with Social Media @ Convergence 2013 – An invaluable weapon!!!!

Ramping up your social media, before, during, and after a trade show is proving one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your booth & get Maximum ROI. Here are some ways you can leverage social media to get the most out of your trade show presence. 


Power of Hash tag (#) :  By including the hashtag of the event ( #CONV13) you are more likely to be seen by potential attendees, start tweeting before few weeks. Also Tweet reasons to visit your booth that you are already sharing via email, direct mail, ads, and the phone.  Express attendees all the great things you will be offering in your booth, such as new products, show specials, giveaways & special offers.  


Create a Facebook event Page & start interacting with attendees, conduct surveys & promote contests linked to the show.  As a trade show exhibitor, you can post photos and videos from your booth.  Share what new things you introduced.   •Announce News from the Show like –A new strategic alliance with a partner?  Introduce a new product?  Whatever news you shared at the show in your booth, you can also post to Facebook. 


For pre-show promotions, load up the video with all the great reasons to visit your trade show booth (see this above in Twitter).  You can also record and produce a video showing all the action you had in your booth – new products, demonstrations, happy client interviews – and post that to YouTube soon after the show.  


Establish your voice early with the expo audience writing fresh content that build up to the event. 


Follow & connect with Convergence groups.  Connect with people attending Convergence. 

Finally, be sure all the social media platforms are integrated that makes attendees to follow your messages on their preferred social media channels. 


Manick Vel , Associate Vice President - Business Solutions

ZSL Inc. , Edison, NJ

Microsoft Gold Partner for CRM & ERP ( AX/ NAV/ GP) offering End to end Implementation services & Business Power add-on solutions.


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