Monday, November 26, 2012

Motorola Showcased ZSL's Innovations in Mobile Healthcare at Conference in Germany

Motorola Showcased ZSL’s Innovations in Mobile Healthcare at Conference Dusseldurf, Germany, Nov 14-17,2012

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MEDICA 2012 in Dusseldorf (14th to 17th November), the world’s largest medical trade fair, with more than 4,500 exhibitors from at least 60 different countries, provided an overview of the latest app trends and some sample applications. About one half of the visitors and nearly two thirds of the exhibitors came from abroad. Parallel to the presentation of the exhibitors, there were demonstration on new mobile health apps as part of the program from MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM (formerly MEDICA MEDIA).
Motorola showcased ZSL’s mHealth - Mobile Healthcare Solutions at MEDICA 2012 Conference. ZSL’s mHealth Suite is an automated innovative mobile solution for Patient Care Management in Healthcare industry. The solution will transform the manual and paper-based patient care process into an automated system accessible from Smartphones and Tablets such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Devices, iPad and Blackberry devices. This helps the Nurses & Clinicians in the Patient Care & Treatment Centers to access and update their patient data anytime anywhere using their handheld devices thereby enabling them to fasten their patient care activities and deliver utmost quality service to their patients. You can find more details about ZSL’s innovative healthcare apps at:

About Medica Media Forum

Since 1998, the MEDICA MEDIA FORUM in the growing market of health telematics and active with more than 170 speakers each year and numerous exhibitors from research and development, a leading producer in the field of eHealth, telemedicine and healthcare information technology. Independent, innovative, interdisciplinary and user-oriented are the attributes of our program design. We are the dialogue between physicians and other healthcare professionals on the one hand and research and industry, however, obliged - and we see the patient at the center of the efforts of all stakeholders. From 2012, we have renamed the event in MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM.

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