Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ZSL’s SmartPrise Social Commerce

ZSL’s SmartPrise Social Commerce empowers online retail and media web, mobile & social properties with context aware and socially intelligent Personalized recommendations. SmartPrise Social Commerce, is powered by myBantu’s recommendation engine (a Smart personal assistant, similar to iPhone 4S), is a patent pending recommendation technology - based on Natural Language understanding, Social Intelligence and Search Relevance. SmartPrise delivers “recommendations personalized to YOU rather than recommending interests or likes for people similar to you”. SmartPrise solution is context sensitive and its recommendation engine analyzes various social & behavioral factors - then, graphing the relevance and provides personalized recommendations. SmartPrise is all about empowering your online retail store or media properties through Personalized social recommendations that help increase AOV (average order value), transaction-ability and conversion rates.
Wanna see it in action? – Click Here


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