Friday, January 13, 2012

ZSL Joins the Microsoft's Platform Modernization Alliance

Alliance will combine ZSL’s automated SmartPrise™ Enterprise legacy application modernization framework with Microsoft’s leading technology platform that will enable large and mid-sized Enterprises to transform their mission critical business applications running on legacy environments to a reliable and scalable Microsoft .Net and SQL Server based environment in a shorter time-frame, and with significantly lower migration costs as compared to a re-write.
Edison, NJ, Jan 11, 2012: The mobile healthcare market is heating up in N.J., with several companies turning their attention to addressing it and the mHealthcon conference coming to Rutgers Dec. 1. Mobile health encompasses devices and software applications ranging from electronic health records and physician order entry to patient check-in/check-out, drug delivery and e-prescribing.
SmartPrise Migrator, an innovative legacy software code conversion utility developed by ZSL, is a proven Cloud Enablement and Modernization platform which helps enterprises to automatically convert and migrate their applications written in PowerBuilder, FoxPro and Visual Basic programming languages to .NET,Windows Azure and SOA technologies. In practice, SmartPrise Migrator™ has proven to reduce the time and money spent on re-writing and migrating legacy applications up to 60% over other approaches.
"There are many companies still running PowerBuilder on top of Sybase," said Bob Ellsworth, World-wide Director of Platform Modernization at Microsoft. "With tools such as SmartPrise Migrator, companies can start taking advantage of the capabilities of the Microsoft Application Platform."
"This alliance has placed us in an advantageous position by delivering high business value to our customers through a combination of innovative technology platforms and solutions," says Shiv Kumar, EVP and Worldwide Alliance Director, ZSL. "Our collaboration with Microsoft will enable our customers to make their business processes more agile and address the time to market pressure effectively by leveraging our tools based modernization process and the power of Windows Azure and SQL Server."
For legacy application users, who are facing expensive migration or re-writing options, migrating to the Microsoft.Net architecture and supporting development platform leveraging ZSL’s SmartPrise Migrator is an efficient and cost-effective option.
Industries such as Financial Services, Retail, among others, who are currently heavily invested in legacy technologies, will benefit the most from the turnkey solution provided by ZSL.
About ZSL
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