Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Join ZSL at SMARTER BANKING – Risk Management Solutions from Zylog and Kamakura on IBM Platform

Ensure Risk-Free Business with KRM & IBM

Many banks and financial institutions take a siloed approach to risk management. This affects the ability of banks and financial institutions to assess their complete risk exposure, leading to unexpected losses, higher capital requirements and civil or criminal penalties. An integrated risk management system, therefore, is a must for a proactive and holistic identification and management of emerging risks.

KRM is a total risk management system tool that enables intelligent risk management decision making at reduced risk management costs, and guarantees improved returns while providing all the necessary regulatory reports as well. Build on IBM middleware and hardware KRM ensures that risk management is carried out without any flaws.

You are invited to explore KRM offerings on the IBM platform and interact with Dr. David M Rowe, Senior Advisor to Kamakura Corporation on 30th August, 2011 at JAIC Hilton Residence.


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