Friday, April 10, 2009

ZSL to launch e-waste management software

New Delhi, India, July 7, 2008 - IT solutions provider ZSL Inc will launch a new software to manage electronic waste in the next three-four months.

ZSL’s Vice-president (Business Development) John Mehrmann said the software is primarily aimed at creating a database of products to be recycled and information on partners involved in the process.

The Chennai-based company expects to launch the software, 'Recycle Accelerator', in the country during October-November.

The new product would help in connecting all the partners, including manufacturers, recyclers, collectors and buyers of the materials for reuse, he added.

The company has already spent about one million dollars for development of Recycle Accelerator and would be investing another one million dollars.

Recycle Accelerator would enable manufacturers, recyclers, collectors and buyers to share information and strengthen communication on tracking, among others.

Further, ZSL would be partnering with makers of electronic products and other service providers to create a network of stakeholders involved in the process of recycling e-waste, and are already in talks with some of them.

ZSL’s Senior Vice-president (Enterprise solutions) Ananth Chaganty said, "Most of the big makers have shown interest in partnering with us. However, they themselves will announce the partnership soon." He, however, did not divulge the name of the companies ZSL is in talks with.

Pointing out that there is not enough awareness about the hazards of e-waste in the country, John Mehrmann said unlike America, India does not have stringent laws to address the issue.

"India is a big luxury dumping ground. People are not aware of the hazards these electronic waste can cause."

The aim is to create awareness and also help them in earning money from proper management of e-waste, he added.

ZSL is also holding discussions with trade associations and the Central government on ways to enhance awareness levels about the benefits of e-waste management.


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