Friday, April 10, 2009

IT automation: the way ahead

India, February 02nd, 2009 - IT automation helps reduce costs and raise efficiency levels. It is a matter of educating business users and decision-makers about the benefits of doing so.

Automating IT is likely to give a fillip to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) efforts. This helps speed-up and simplifies identification and resolution of SOA problems, automates SOA management, and promotes management throughout the SOA development lifecycle. Automation and SOA are two technologies that help IT to deliver services to a business faster. Moreover, automation also helps to bring in compliance, which is also an important challenge that CXOs are focusing on.

Shiv Kumar, Executive Vice President–Technology Strategy and Innovation, Zylog Systems, pointed out, "In recent years, enterprises have increasingly shown interest in adopting the SOA approach for their enterprise architecture, by integrating disparate systems and structuring their applications as assemblies of smaller modules or services to maximize automation. The reusability of the existing IT assets and responding faster to the business requirements drive SOA initiatives in coming years among the small to mid-sized enterprises." Read More


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