Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IBM Business Partner awarded Best of Show

By Melissa Polizzotto, IBM WebSphere Communications
During Tuesday’s General Session at Impact 2013, ZSL, Inc. received the Impact Best of Show Award for leveraging IBM WebSphere software. ZSL helps its customers adopt newer technologies like mobility into their businesses and transform their business models to be more agile and productive. ZSL’s mobile banking solution provides banks and financial organizations a way to deliver advanced personalization services to their customers, from simpler tasks such as checking account balances and viewing account statements, to more advanced functions such as locating an ATM using GPS.
Best of show ZSL sign
The Impact Best of Show Award is presented to the conference sponsor that demonstrates the best solution using the unique power of IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and WebSphere components.
Prolifics, Streebo, and Summa Technologies, Inc. are the distinguished finalists for the Impact Best of Show Award. Congratulations to these IBM Business Partners, and don’t forget to visit all of our Business Partner sponsors today at the Solution Center.



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