Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ZSL (Zylog Systems Ltd) Swings Upward in DataQuest’s List of Top 50 IT Companies for the Year 2012


New Delhi, India, October 5, 2012: DataQuest released the list of DQ Top 200 companies for the Year 2011-2012 and ZSL made into the Top DQ 50 IT Companies ranking #32 swinging 3 slots upward compared to the Year 2010-2011.
Our investment and success in the Business Technology Innovation and Business Value Co-creation along with the industry leading technology partners made a positive impact in our global growth and vertical specializations.
The authoritative annual rankings of top India-based IT companies – Dataquest magazine’s DQ Top 20 -- finds virtually the same players heading the list this year (2011-12) -- albeit with a few minor switches of position.
The study reveals that the domestic market experienced a marked slowdown. The year saw a record jump in the number of third-party data centers. Enterprises are looking at analytics, big data, mobility, SaaS, cloud, and unified communications. The market for IT services is also opening up in a big way. The year also saw the opening up of tier-2 and tier-3 markets. These markets will drive the future for Indian IT, and vendors are scrambling to get a piece of the action here. The year also saw the rise of the consumer market in IT, another huge potential growth market. Read more

DQ Top 20 : Rank # 32 : Zylog Systems: Upward Swing

The company has put up a consistent performance y-o-y, thanks to its products and solutions approach that gives bigger headroom as against pure services driven play. A 19% topline and 41% increase in profits look impressive. Analysts aver that what had favored Zylog to post good performance was its lesser time-to-market cycles that enable it to bring products faster to the market. For instance, its solutions on complete software development life cycle cut across new product development to re-engineering. This approach clearly gives an IP-driven linearity in addition to the typical services based non-linearity as well. Meanwhile on its Wi-Fi business, it grew well over FY12 and has ambitious plans to invest around `80 crore to further boost its revenues here.
DQ Top 20 - Rank 32
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