Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oracle E-Business Suite Exchange Rate Web Feeder

Oracle E-Business Suite Exchange Rate Web Feeder
ZSL's Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Exchange Rate Web Feeder is an add-on component that automates the process of calculating the currency exchange rates for multiple currencies and updating it into Oracle database.

This solution enables you to update the Oracle's business management application with current currency exchange rates by automating the calculation of the exchange rate for multiple currencies by scheduling for the preferred time interval — through a single time setup and seamless interaction with web services like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Go Currency and more and importing it into your business management application.

Significant Features of ZSL's Oracle EBS Exchange Rate Web Feeder
Exchange rates for configured time interval — Simple step to configure import of exchange rates at preferred time interval— daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, defined time period — from your preferred data service providers like Google Finance,Yahoo Finance, Go Currency or any other web services provider

Automated process of calculating the current exchange rates of multiple currencies simultaneously through seamless interaction with data service providers (option to run at instance to update the exchange rates is also available)

Automated update of current daily exchange rates data into Oracle database at preferred time intervals – at instance, daily,weekly, monthly, quarterly, defined time period.

Provision to configure primary and secondary service providers for every Web Feeder setting. This helps to render currency exchange rates even in the failure of primary service provider.

Option to select the list of currency pairs for which the exchange rate is required.

Provides details of active currency pairs such as previous exchange rate, exchange rate date and time, status, current exchange rate and more for a selected web feeder setting.


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