Friday, April 27, 2012

ZSL’s SmartPrise Cloud Manager flyer

ZSL’s SmartPrise Cloud Manager (SCM) is a Unified Cross-Platform Cloud Management solution available for Amazon EC2, IBM SCE,OpSource, Windows Azure, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, Right Scale and Rackspace clouds. The SCM solution allows to Provision,Configure, Orchestrate, Automate and Monitor applications running in multi cloud infrastructure. Be it public, private or hybrid Clouds, SCM help businesses access all types of clouds through one unified management console, which allows enterprises to manage and monitor Cloud apps with ease and leverage the real benefits of Cloud Infrastructure.

ZSL's SCM Features:

* Unified Integrated Cloud Management Solution for Public, Private & Hybrid clouds for all leading Clouds including Azure, Amazon,IBM SCE, RackSpace, UEC and OpSource.
* Development on Production Environment: SCM made easy the development and roll-out as it duplicated and provided the system engineers with the production environment. This aided the system engineers to avoid the additional effort and time spent on solving the real time challenges faced while migrating the applications from test to production environment.
* High Availability: SCM helps enterprises to build a highly available & scalable system.
* Provisioning: Remote and rapid provisioning of your servers through commands and scripts.
* Configuration: Pre-defined and automated configuration management, which gives agility to simulate deployments and customizations much easier without disrupting the infrastructure.

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