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ZSL (Zylog Systems Ltd) Showcases its Innovation at Smarter Villages 2015 - IT as a Cottage Industry

Date: July 21, 2011

Time: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM IST

Venue: CUSAT, Cochin, India

The number of people living in Indian cities is expected to reach 70% of the population of India by 2050. As per the 2011 India government census, 27.8% of Indians live in 5,100 towns and over 380 urban agglomerations and the remaining 72.2% live in 641,000 villages. Technology convergence in mobility, cloud computing, server and desktop virtualization, social computing, advanced analytics, and open architectures is fueling the new wave of end user computing. Unlike Smarter Cities, Smarter

Villages can tap into the culture, intellect, and passion of the villagers and pave a new way to capitalize on their strengths.

This symposium will focus on how to leverage this technology convergence to establish IT as a cottage industry that can fuel the growth of Smarter Villages in India. Each session will be 45 minutes that includes 15 minutes of Q&A and discussion. The final session with be a panel discussion on KITA.

09:00am – 9:30am Registration
09:30am – 10:00am Inauguration of the Smarter Village initiative by KITA

Hon Shri P. K. Kunhalikutty, Minister of Industry, State of Kerala

Shri T. Balakrishnan, IT Secretary/Chairman of KSITM, State of Kerala

Presided by Dr Ramachandran Thekkedath, Vice Chancellor, CUSAT
10:00am – 10:15am Smarter Villages Symposium overview and relevance,

- Antony Satyadas, Solution Strategist, IBM USA
10:15am – 11:00am Policy making for IT and the role of KITA,

- George Abraham, past CTO, United Nations Pension Fund and Chairman of KITA
11:00am – 11:45am IT as the enabler - applying the business context,

- Sunil Kumar, CEO Assyst, USA
11:45am – 12:30pm Next generation client computing – Desktop on Demand,

- Shiv Kumar, Executive Vice President Zylog Systems Ltd (ZSL), USA
12:30pm – 01:30pm Lunch
01:30pm – 02:00pm Driving social entrepreneurship through IT - how NASSCOM Foundation can partner with KITA

- Rita Soni, CEO NASSCOM Foundation, India
02:00pm – 02:45pm Collaboration, Analytics, and Social computing in the cloud,

- Thomas Chennikara, founder and director, CSS Corp USA, Ezhil Arasan Babaraj Director of CSS Labs, India
02:45pm – 03:30pm The University as a Entrepreneurial Hub

- Shilpa Mohan, COO IDSi International, USA and Vibin Priyesh CEO of IDSi International India
03:30pm – 03:45pm Tea break
03:45pm – 04:15pm Making Smarter Villages work, an innovation framework,

- Antony Satyadas, Solution Strategist, IBM, USA
04:15pm – 05:00pm Kerala Information Technology Alliance (KITA) 12 point program, Panel discussion: Mini Ulanat facilitator:

- Sunil Kumar, Shilpa Mohan, Vibin Priyesh, George Abraham, Thomas Chennikara, Ezhil Arasan Babaraj,

Shiv Kumar, Antony Satyadas

Next Generation Client Computing - Desktop On Demand

Shiv Kumar, Executive Vice President, Zylog Systems Ltd (ZSL), USA

Time: 11:45am – 12:30pm

Desktop on Demand (DoD) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) dream is becoming reality in 2011. With VDI and Open Source software stack, the IT industry is getting ready to take the Virtualization technology to the whole new level. The success that we all witnessed about Server Virtualization will be replicated at the Desktop level in the next 2~4 years.
The Virtual Desktop for Smart Business(VDSB) from IBM offers tremendous amount of Value, Flexibility and Secured Computing environment for the environments which need cost effective yet powerful secured client computing infrastructure.

Smarter Planet needs more Smarter Villages and Desktop Virtualization can drive the Eco-Friendly Computing by leveraging the 'good enough' desktop configuration to run the applications and productivity tools. The Cloud based deployment model brings more agility and zero server maintenance features to the less Tech Savvy users to embrace the computing technologies at ease.
Let us build Smarter Villages using the Smarter Computing powered by Virtual Desktops.
Making Smarter Villages work, an innovation framework

Antony Satyadas, Solution Strategist, IBM, USA

Time: 3.45-4.15 PM

Around 74% of Indians live in around 640,000 villages. However, every minute during the next twenty years, 30 Indians will leave rural India for urban areas. The state of Kerala has around 1478 revenue villages, 1007 village panchayats. 3/4th of the 32M population lives in rural areas. Initiatives such as IBM's Smarter Cities focus on  helping governments and businesses gear up to address this “city migration”.
KITA's Smarter Village initiative focus on strengthening Smarter Cities by providing infrastructure, education, and policies for people in these villages using IT as the enabler.
An ecosystem for Smarter Villages require an innovation framework that can bring together entrepreneurs, buyers, open source leaders, and policy makers to create a cottage industry. IT products and services ranging from software development, testing, call centers, back office operations, and knowledge centers can become the deliverables of cooperative societies.
This session will focus on the elements of the Smarter Village framework and explore how we can make use of this to establish IT as a cottage industry in Kerala, India, and other emerging markets worldwide.
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