Friday, July 16, 2010

ZSL Launches Latest Version of PowerMigrator

ZSL Unveils Latest Version of 'PowerMigrator™' an Automation Utility for Migration of Legacy Code to .NET

Washington, DC and Edision, N.J., July 12: ZSL, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading ISV headquartered in Edison, NJ announces the launching of its latest version of PowerMigrator™, a Legacy Modernization and Automation tool.

The PowerMigrator™ solution includes a free "Code Analyzer" that runs against the legacy applications that are being considered for migration. The net result of the "Code Analyzer" is a generated report that provides all pertinent information necessary for determining the amount of effort needed to migrate to the new platform. Typically companies can expect the automatic conversion of 50-60% of the existing source code, providing savings around 65% of the cost normally associated with a re-write and migration.

"As technology drives business, we help our customers align their businesses to latest technologies by modernizing their applications in cost effective manners through simple and easily automated processes while retaining the value of years worth of experience building the business logic in the applications," says Ramesh Babu, vice president of ZSL's Replacement Technology Practice. "Our replacement technology is structured & process oriented; it also provides opportunity for our clients to have new IT capabilities and increase their return on investment in a shorter timeframe," adds Mr. Babu.

About ZSL's Replacement Technology Practice

ZSL (Zylog Systems Ltd), a Systems Integrator and Solution provider, has a formidable practice around its replacement technology capabilities inclusive of a ZSL utility, PowerMigrator™, which has helped numerous companies automate up to 70% of the effort needed to convert legacy code to .NET while still retaining the core business logic of the old application. The PowerMigrator™ solution is a combination of a proprietary utility written by ZSL with process & methodology. The Replacement Technology Practice at ZSL has been in place for greater than a decade and the company continues to enhance and invest in its PowerMigrator™ tool set.

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