Thursday, January 21, 2010

ZSL Selected as Finalist for IBM Lotusphere CTO Award 2010

New Jersey, January 15, 2010 - ZSL's PowerCube-DaaS (Desktop as a Service) made to the Finalists Category (3 out of 12 contenders) to compete for the CTO Award at the IBM Lotusphere 2010.

ZSL will demonstrate its PowerCube DaaS powered by IBM Client for Smart Work (ICSW) running on Ubuntu Desktops and virtually enabled through Verde of Virtual Bridges.

PowerCube DaaS is a virtual desktop environment alternate to microsoft desktops intended to use in existing PCs, low cost netbooks, laptops and any thin clients. It is very cost effective as compared to the propreitary software, where companies can save upt0 50% of the costs spent on hardware, license and software upgrade.

ZSL offers a set of integrated package services for PowerCube DaaS solution, which are more value addded, ranging from TCO analysis from end user segmentation, BPM based role identification, SOA & BPM enablement, Remote Management, Pilot projects, production and deployment, maintenance and support and consulting services

To know more about ZSL's PowerCube DaaS, please visit the URL:


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