Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cloud computing benefits start-up companies

Chennai, India, December 10, 2009 – Cloud computing has created new opportunities in the field of optimisation and provides significant advantages for start-up companies, said J. ShivKumar, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Zylog Systems.

“Organisations no longer have to invest in costly infrastructure upfront. Controlling and managing centralised database servers are expensive. In case of cloud computing applications, the operation is dynamically scalable; which means companies can buy space online for storing data instead of investing in physical infrastructure,” he said.

According to him, since all data rest in the ‘cloud’, it is easier to manage operational requirements and additional server space can be bought keeping the growth of the company in mind.

He was addressing the inaugural session of a three-day international conference on Global Computing and Communications (ICOGCAC ’09) organised by the Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science here on Wednesday.

“Consolidating server requirements by keeping the data, generated by a wide set of people, in the cloud also reduces the carbon footprint. Green computing will be the future,” said Mr. Shivkumar.

He added that new technological platforms must lead to low cost solutions for real world problems.

“A logical offset of cloud computing is using the mobile phone as a computing device. Unlike personal computers (PCs) mobile phones are owned by a large segment of the population and accessing cloud applications from a mobile platform can transform their lives. The ‘cloud’ also has an enormous role to play in fields such as telemedicine.” The conference will feature technical sessions, panel discussions and doctoral symposiums. Some of the sessions which will be held over the next couple of days include high performance embedded systems, data modelling and storage facility for cloud computing.

Stressing that established paradigms of computing has to change, R. Jai Shankar, Director (Sales), Acer India, said that every user can soon look forward to using a ‘personal supercomputer’. “Computing power is growing at a fast rate and new technologies such as Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) are emerging using which more processing cores can be used.”

Omar A. AlHeyasat, AlBalqa Applied University, Jordan, said as communication played a vital role in every domain today, integration and collaboration meant that the power of Internet has to be fully utilised in the new flat world economic order.

A copy of the conference proceedings was released by Koczara Wlodzimierz, Head, Institute of Control and Electronics, Warsaw University, Poland. Elizabeth Verghese, Chancellor of Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science and K.Sarukesi, Vice-Chancellor, spoke.

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