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ZSL software solution to track, recycle e-waste

ZSL software solution to track, recycle e-waste

Helps recyclers connect with manufacturers

Chennai, India, July 4, 2008 -Chennai-based ZSL Inc has developed a software solution for tracking and (hence) recycling, e-waste.

To develop the product, ZSL spent a million dollars (Rs 4 crore) and roped in a ‘reverse logistics’ expert, Mr John Mehrmann, who had over two decades of experience working for Toshiba.

To begin with the ‘Recycle Accelerator’ is designed for recyclers to connect (with manufacturers), track, and manage the business. The product supports inventory management by model/serial units, parts, and material weight. E-waste collection agents are working on paper forms, spreadsheets or with no documentation at all. At the first point of product, part and material collection is gathered, and this is a critical first point of data collection.

Initially, when an electronic product is ready for trash, the information is provided by customers to collecting agents for pick up, and later sent for recycling.

Manufacturers are responsible for managing effective recycling programmes, but lack reporting by product, since most incoming goods are only tracked by weight. Manufacturers have not yet created systems to authorise and regulate collectors and recyclers, Mr Mehrmann told Business Line.

Future versions

The future versions of Recycle Accelerator will enable call centres to refer consumers to a collaborative network of collectors and recyclers. Manufacturers will be able to track products received and the effectiveness of recycling. Government agencies will have the ability to audit compliance, track performance, and identify abuse or precious metal theft, he said.

Urgent control

“Recycle Accelerator is a response to the urgent need for e-waste tracking and controls in the US,” says Mr Sudarshan Venkatraman, Chairman and CEO, ZSL.

E-waste collectors, recyclers, manufacturers, government, and consumers are struggling to keep pace with growing awareness and evolving regulations pertaining to e-waste. Most of the US states are formulating stringent laws to control the growing e-waste problem.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, in 2005 discarded electronics totalled about 2 million tonnes. It is estimated that 15-20 per cent of this was recycled. Since electronic equipment contains toxic chemicals, this can pose health and environmental risks, particularly in landfills where toxins may leak into the soil and ground water.

Access to excess

At present, there is software offered by various companies that caters only to the needs of a particular community — say, for an e-waste collection agent. However, ZSL’s solution caters to the entire supply chain and can also be customised for entrepreneurs who want to establish a small business as a collector. It can also be used by individuals who want to participate in the part-time activity of collection for profit or to save the environmental, Mr Mehrmann said.

There is a growing demand for access to raw materials that can be used to produce “the next generation of consumer electronics”. ZSL has created a bridge for material buyers to ‘access the excess’, he said. “Consumers will replace equipment more often in the future, leading to greater e-waste.”

ZSL’s solution covers the entire constituents of the US consumer electronics industry by connecting reverse logistics players, authorised service providers, call centres, parts distributors, manufacturers, government agencies, registration and third party administrators, said Mr Mehrmann.


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